Alternatives in the World of Sportswear

Tracksuits, trainers and sports shirts are evolving. With advancements in the world of technology and textiles sportswear designers are combining functionality as well as quality cutting edge design Wholesale Crop Tops. With increased interest in sport especially extreme sports such as rock climbing, snowboarding and bungee jumping, innovation is the key.

Women's Sportswear Clothing & Apparel.

Eco friendly sports apparel such as Atayne makes sportswear for men and women that are designed from materials made out of recycled plastic bottles and coconut and don’t contain any harmful chemicals that may damage the body. Starting at around $38 the garments protect the wearer from UV rays are sweat absorbent and odor controlling.

The Taiwan Textile Research Institute focuses on technological design and thermal comfort. Taking into account ergonomics and textile composition, sportswear is now being designed to take into account tendon and muscle extension, the reduction of friction as well as perspiration. Fabrics have been designed and named after their attributes; shape-memory polymer, triple rip stop and water repellent microfibers.

So much is the advancement of sportswear design the invention of the Fastskin swimming costume has not been without controversy. It is believed to improve swimmers’ times by up to three percent with those not owning one being at an obvious disadvantage.

In addition it can be noted that leisurewear and sportswear do borrow from each other on certain levels. A recent Addidas campaign celebrating the fifty years of stars and stripes featured David Beckham, Katy Perry and Pharrel Williams side by side. This advert combined fashion, sportswear, celebrity and music and steered clear of any sort of sports montages. Sportswear designs for Addidas, Nike and Reebok recognize the crossover between music and sport and now incorporate ipod pouches into many of their designs.

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