Making a profit by playing gambling may for some people have become a hobby and ingrained. They never give up when they lose and will always bet even if their treasure runs out. They don’t seem to realize that actually the hobby of playing gambling causes bankruptcy of their wealth. Besides that, playing gambling can cause them to get involved in legal problems.

Gambling itself has been classified as an illegal activity especially in a country in Asia like Indonesia. Many perpetrators, both players and bookies, have been prosecuted for playing gambling dominoqq terpercaya . But like opium, they never give up. They continue to gamble either secretly or openly. .

No matter how rich and rich a person is, addiction to gambling both conventional and online will destroy everything! Want to know how gambling causes bankruptcy? Let’s see.

Does Gambling Causes Bankruptcy?

Currently gambling is increasingly widespread among the community, where gambling can also be played online. It is enough to have an internet network, then gambling can be done with a PC, laptop or cellphone.

Like traditional gambling, there are various types of online gambling. Among other things, poker gambling, casino, cockfighting gambling, domino 99 gambling, soccer games, and so on. Even though the consequences of online gambling are as dire as conventional gambling, namely gambling causes bankruptcy, people continue to enjoy gambling.

Like conventional gambling that uses money to bet, online gambling also certainly uses money if you want to play. Every time you want to play, you have to spend money to register, then put money as a bet, after that you start playing with your bet. The bigger the bet, the bigger the profit that will be achieved.

Early playing you may win. And you will think that you will win again next time. Even though you don’t know that this is a trick from an online dealer. The next play, you lose, lose and lose but you think that you have a chance to win so you will continue to place bets and don’t want to stop playing.

Today you lose, tomorrow you will definitely come back to play gambling again. You will carry even more money and hope to be profitable and winning this time. However, the dealer will likely not give you a win. Subconsciously, you are headed for bankruptcy. Gambling causes your money to run out, and gambling causes bankruptcy permanently to you. And this is very bad.

Stay away from gambling now

It’s no secret that slot machines have been designed by bookies to give players a very small chance of winning. And the average player doesn’t realize that. Players are so attracted to symbols or numbers that are nearly correct, that they keep buying coins to spin the dial in hopes of winning the next spin.

And one thing you must realize, you will never get rich playing gambling. Gambling will not make you rich other than an addiction that is difficult to heal and whatever wealth we have, we will definitely sacrifice it for this bad hobby.

Let’s abstain from all kinds of gambling. When we know that a member of our family is involved in gambling, it is our duty to warn them.

We must ask them to repent and see that gambling is dangerous. Apart from gambling causing bankruptcy, there are also legal threats if they are caught. With the support of family and loved ones, asking players to refuse gambling can surely wake them up and get them back on track.