Three Helpful Tips For Finding a Great Jewellery Gift

Are you shopping for a jewellery gift? If so, you will find that this task is not as easy as it seems. Fine jewellery pieces can be quite expensive, so it is necessary for you to weigh your options first and not to rush the purchase. Your jewellery gift must be something that the person at the receiving end will like or otherwise you will end up wasting money on a gift that is totally unsuitable to your recipient.

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How do you select a suitable jewellery gift? Here are three tips that can help you find the perfect piece of jewellery to give as a gift.

1. Consider your relationship with the recipient buy gold in dubai . Before you even go shopping for jewellery, you should give a thought as to whether giving a gift of jewellery to your recipient is appropriate or not. The fact is that a gift of jewellery indicates an intimate relationship between you and the recipient; the recipient can be a spouse or a lover, a child, a parent or a very close friend.

It is not just because jewellery pieces are typically more expensive than your usual gift. It is more because jewellery has an intrinsic value to it and by giving someone a gift of jewellery, you are automatically bestowing the same kind of value to the recipient. If the relationship is not close enough, the gift may be considered inappropriate and may not be welcomed by the recipient at all.

2. Take note of the personal style and preferences of the recipient. Another factor that can make buying a jewellery gift a little bit complicated is that you need to know the personal style of the person to whom you would be giving the gift as well as his or her preferences when it comes to jewellery.

For instance, you would have to know if your recipient prefers gold jewellery to silver jewlery, if he or she likes unusual looking pieces like Celtic jewellery or filigree silver chains, or if he or she likes her jewellery pieces plain and simple. If the jewellery piece you have chosen is more to your recipient’s taste, he or she will get to appreciate it more.

3. Consider how much you can afford on your purchase. Before you go shopping for jewellery, you must set a specific budget to spend on your gift. It is never a good idea to spend more than you can afford. Besides, just because a piece of jewellery is expensive, it does not always mean that the quality is good. When you browse for jewellery, you will find that some pieces are expensive but the quality of craftsmanship is questionable. On the other hand, some pieces are less expensive than most but are extraordinary in quality.

Handmade jewellery seemed to have faded away in the past few years, with machine made ornaments taking over the entire industry. However, lately people are waking up to the unusual jewellery that is crafted by artisans who work with their hands. A jewellery shop without a handmade section seems almost incomplete and more and more red carpet jewellery is turning out to be hand crafted. In fact, the appeal of such ornaments is so extensive that most people are choosing it for special occasions rather than picking out machine made ornaments.

While gold and platinum is a hot favourite when it comes to handmade jewellery, silver is still mostly being crafted by machines. This is also because silver jewellery is cost effective and moulding it by hand does add to the cost of production. Over and above the uniqueness of hand crafted ornaments, their many advantages also attract buyers and investors equally towards these pieces of fine jewellery.

The advantages of handmade jewellery are several. It is a fact that in case of damage, jewellery crafted by artisans can be fixed at much lower costs as opposed to machine made jewellery. In the case of the latter, it usually means melting the entire piece and starting from scratch again. In the case of handmade ornaments, the artisan simply needs to fix the fault without having to bother with the rest of the piece.

One also has the option of re-designing the ornament into another pattern at very low cost when it comes to handmade jewellery. Machine made ornaments cannot be re-designed with as much ease and the cost of recycling goes up so high that one might as well simply buy another piece rather than change the design of the present one.

Another huge advantage of handmade ornaments is that they allow for the artisans own creativity. The finesse and the style of the ornament, reflects the standard of the artisans expertise and so each artisan tries to create unusual jewellery that is pleasing and attractive. There is no personal pride in machine made jewellery and this is that reason why mostly these pieces are quite literally, run of the mill.

When purchasing handmade jewellery from a jewellery shop, keep in mind that one should exercise the same caution as when buying machine made jewellery. Mostly the purity of the metal will be crafted on the jewellery item itself, but one must seek a certificate of authentication too. Make sure you do not ignore the stones that have been incorporated into the design and seek a carat and weight certificate for them too. Do inquire about how much you are paying as labour charges and carefully consider if the ornament is worth it.

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