What are the Steps for Writing a Concept Essay

The purpose a concept essay has is to inform your reader about a specific topic. Rise B. Axelrod explains in “The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing,” that “successful explanatory literature presents information confidently, efficiently, usually with a goal of educating the reader about a topic.” A concept essay should be informative, not persuasive. You don’t have to agree with your subject. It doesn’t matter if the topic is controversial. You need to show all sides of the story, rather than arguing for one side.
Find a Subject

Often, you will receive a topic for writing. There are many subjects you can choose from, or you may have to think up your own topics. You should choose something conceptessaytopic.com that interests you. It is easier to write about a topic that interests you than if it is not. Concept essays are often more abstract than topics for other essays. For example, you might be asked to discuss racism, communication, wisdom.

First, think about what knowledge you have about the subject. Then find out what else you don’t. This is how you educate others about a topic. You will decide how much information to use after you have done your research. While you don’t want to list every factual detail, the essay should contain enough information to make it understandable for anyone who has never heard of the subject.

Your audience will help you choose the right topic for your paper. According to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Writing Center, knowing who your audience is “can help guide you in making good decisions about what material, how to organize them, and how best to support it.”

Make an outline to organize your ideas. Purdue Online Writing Lab has some ideas about how to start and discusses the importance a outline. If you organize your ideas, it will help you to determine the overall format of your paper. You will notice which ideas are similar, and can group them together. You can also see which ideas fit together and which should be dropped.

The introduction should introduce your subject and give an overview of the major points in the essay. Your thesis statement must be included in the introduction. A thesis is one or more sentences that summarise the central idea in your paper. The thesis helps readers clearly understand the purpose and intent of your essay.
Body Paragraphs

You should write body paragraphs that support your thesis. Each paragraph must communicate one main point. The paragraph’s title sentence is the main point. The paragraph should support that paragraph’s topic sentence. Your overall thesis should be supported by all paragraphs.

Remind your reader about the main idea in your essay. The conclusion summarizes the key points of your paper. You should make sure that you are not repeating yourself with your conclusion.
Editing and revision

Once your first draft has been completed, make any necessary edits. Verify that the essay stays on-topic from beginning to end. Be sure to organize the information in a clear and logical manner. Verify that each paragraph is focused on one central idea. Make sure to check for spelling or grammatical errors.