How to Make Love – Like His Dream Come True!

First of all, women, forget everything you’ve ever seen in porn films. You don’t need to perform like a porn star to make a man happy. In fact, quite the contrary. What a man wants is far more subtle and meaningful than exaggerated moans and screams.

Now I know that magazines like Cosmo and Glamour give heavy lip service to how to please a man with such “techniques.” But these superficial “tricks” will not ultimately get you better sex, or the deeply connected experience you want in bed. They’ll only leave you feeling cheap and disconnected.

How you position your body, or how you flick your tongue will not captivate a man and keep him totally turned on. But, unleashing your pleasure will!

Men are simple in one huge way that women miss: They are seriously turned on by a woman surrendering into pleasure — because surrender is the ultimate expression of the feminine.

Now, I do not mean that you are turning your power over to your man Shibuya Kaho . Quite the contrary. Surrendering into pleasure is about self-empowerment. When you surrender “controlling” lovemaking you step into your power.

Many of us women take to faking orgasm and excitement in order to please men; this is a huge mistake. Being inauthentic will not get you sex that is more deeply connected and fulfilling, and while it might turn him on for a while, ultimately he will sense the limitation of your expression and feel empty making love with you.

The key to turning a man on and keeping him turned on is by way of learning to turn yourself on! When you learn to surrender into your own pleasure – not the kind of manufactured pleasure you see in films – but genuine pleasure, your man will feel totally turned on with you.

It’s key to understand that men genuinely want to serve women, both in and out of the bedroom. It’s their nature. By learning to surrender into pleasure, you become a receiver, someone upon which he can lavish his attention and loving. If you cannot receive, he will feel useless, ineffective and sexually inadequate.

If you’ve ever tried to give someone a gift, who could not take it in, you understand what a man can feel like in bed.

The key ladies is that you want to take the performer hat off and experience what is real for you. Instead of trying to look and sound like a woman in the throes of ecstasy, open to your authentic expression of pleasure. Let go of trying to make orgasm happen and let what is real emerge. Sometimes being real is silent, and it doesn’t result in a thunderous climax. The more you reach in and allow, and let go, the more he feels completely turned on!

If you are a man, it is important that you are not only one who is satisfied in bed. Here are some tips on how to make a girl feel good in bed. If you practice these tips, your woman will never ever look at other places to get the pleasure that she intend to have.

1. The very first thing to remember is to be a nice guy in bed. Although porn movies features guys who can turn into a monster in an instance because of the roughness that they give to their girl, this is not really the right way to go unless you want your girl to be screaming in pain later. Do not force your girl to have sex with you or try positions that she is not comfortable in.

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