Is Your Restaurant a Potential Target for Food Terrorism?

If you own a restaurant, the sum of all your fears is probably a terrorist coming along and tainting the food either before it comes to your restaurant, or boldly coming into your restaurant and causing such an event. Obviously, if some sort of disease, virus, or bacteria outbreak happens in your establishment, it will ruin your brand name, and you may never be able to get your customers back again.

There was an interesting article recently in Homeland Security News names for restaurants Online in the food safety category titled “Terrorist may use food poisoning as weapon” which was published on June 9, 2011. The article stated; “Food and drink sold in Britain — in stores, at restaurants — are under an increasing threat from terrorist groups which might try to poison supplies, thus wreaking havoc and sowing fear, a government security advisers have warned.”

Now then, we have always known that terrorists, specifically bio terrorists have considered using tricks such as putting harmful bacteria or viruses into salad bars in restaurants, or fast food establishments. In fact, it happened in Oregon with some homegrown terrorists who had tried this who were part of a religious cult. Tampering with water and food supplies is one way to Terrorizing population our civilization, and it is on Al Qaeda’s list.

Now then, someone could ask why this information is coming out now and being made public? One reason could be because of the E. coli outbreak in Germany which spread across to Europe. Although it is not believed that the E. coli outbreak was a bio terrorist act, it has woken people up, as many citizens had put that “question mark” into their head. As authorities look to figure out what the cause of the rare strain of E. coli which entered the human food supply, you can probably bet they have not ruled out bioterrorism.

If you wish to scare yourself on this topic there is a good book I’d recommend that you read, the name of the book is called; “Demon in the Freezer” by Richard Preston, and it explains how bioterrorism works, and why we need to be on guard for it. Anytime something of this nature enters the food supply, or the restaurant supply chain, or even the grocery store supply chain we should be concerned with it. The CDC watches very closely all these things because sometimes they happen naturally, or by mistake.

Unfortunately because these events make big news, the terrorists are more likely to attempt to cause a bio terrorist attack in this way because they realize how much it hurts a society or civilization economically, and how much fear it induces in the population. Remember terrorists like to terrorize, and so we need to be hyper vigilant moving into the future. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think about it.