Choosing the Right Domain Name

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are preparing to start– if you plan to have a presence on the Internet, choosing a proper domain name is an important step that should be given serious consideration.

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Take a moment and think about some of your favorite websites’ URL’s. More than likely they will have a couple of things in common: 1) they express, in some way, the content of the website and 2) are short in the number of characters utilized. These are both good points to keep in mind when choosing your domain name short business brands . Let’s take a closer look.

CONTENT OF SITE: Many effective domain names can tell a potential visitor what the website is about without even clicking on the link: I.E. Wal-Mart. Most people, if not everyone in this galaxy, know that the Wal-Mart .com domain is going to have something to do with the giant retailer. The association is immediate. This is the effect for which all online businesses should strive.

From a visitor’s standpoint, a domain name consistent with the content lends credibility to the website. Search engines may not be as concerned about the domain name given the importance of the title meta tag right now, but that doesn’t change the potential visitor’s interpretation of your URL when viewing search results. Think about it. If your search query results for “bicycle repair” presented you with a choice between two websites, one of which was “easybicyclepair dot com” and the other “mynameissmith dot com”, which one would you most likely choose? It’s basically a no-brainer.

SHORT AND TO THE POINT: If at all possible, make your domain name short. This translates to less typing for the surfers, as well as a lesser amount of recall required remembering the location of your site (just in case they forgot to bookmark it). Securing a short domain name isn’t always an easy task to accomplish. Many of the short names are already taken, so it may require a little brainstorming on your part to create something you’re happy with that’s short & also associated with your content. Though it may take a little longer to pinpoint just the right name, it will pay off in the long run.

For instance, you could come up with a domain that’s “catchy” or even “cute” with a little extra effort & time spent. This will definitely help solidify your site’s location in your visitor’s minds. Advertisers have long known this to be true & have utilized its potential through television, radio and billboard ads for years. A good domain name will do the same thing as an ad jingle: get stuck in a person’s head. If you can create something short & catchy that also points to your content, you’ll have the best of both worlds. Furthermore, if you ever do plan to advertise through those other avenues, a catchy domain name could mean the difference between a potential customer either forgetting your site or wondering why they can’t seem to get your dot com out of their head.

IN CONCLUSION: Don’t overlook the importance of choosing a good domain name as a vital step in your business-building plan. While the domain name doesn’t always mean the difference between success and failure, a short, descriptive and catchy domain name may just be money in the bank.

It can be hard figuring out where to start in order to find pre-foreclosures to invest in. Marketing mortgage short sales is a cinch with the right tactics and good information, such as the lis pendens list. To start, there are three points to marketing mortgage short sales that are absolutely crucial to know; the importance of marketing, competition, and there are multiple methods of marketing.

Importance of marketing

You need to use all tactics and resources you have available in marketing. Show those homeowners and banks that you are a professional property investor and set yourself apart from the amateurs. Preforeclosure investing is one of the most competitive real estate niches. Make sure your marketing stands above everyone else’s.

There is no one true method of marketing to the preforeclosure market. You can use at least three forms of advertising at all times when marketing to these preforeclosure owners and really saturate the market with your name. Now that you know the three points of marketing mortgage short sales, you’ll need to learn some of the more effective methods of reaching that potential client.

There are two main types of marketing; Shotgun marketing and Sniper marketing. Shotgun marketing has a broad range with no specific target audience. It catches all types of people including some your competition may not be reaching. On the downside, many of the potential clients you reach may not be qualified or may not need your services.

Sniper marketing is direct and you’ll know it will get to a certain type of homeowner. On the downside, many other preforeclosure investors are using this method, so you will have a lot of competition in this type of marketing.

Advertising to the Lis Pendens

Many investors involved with marketing mortgage short sales talk about marketing to the lis pendens list. After a homeowner is 90 days behind on mortgage payments, the bank issues a Notice of Default or the lis pendens. This is the first time that the client’s situation becomes public as it’s filed at the county courthouse.

Now the investors know that the homeowner is having difficulty making payments and is in a preforeclosure situation. You can look up properties on the lis pendens and approach the homeowners about purchasing their property. It’s not uncommon in high-density foreclosure areas to see 50 different individuals using the same marketing tactics.