Blogging Boost – Focus on the Top 3 Areas Recommended by Web Writers

Some website owners get bogged down while writing posts for their blog in the midst of a busy work schedule; they fantasize of having their own personal ghostwriter, a professional web writer, to finally get their blog up-to-date. Web writers are there when you need them, however when you are determined to continue as a blogger you can focus on these top three areas recommended by professional web writers. Some focus will help you organize blog thoughts to catch up with your posts, get found online, and post timely content.

#1 – A Content Stockpile. When I work with clients I often suggest a writing stockpile because it leads to almost immediate relief from the thoughts of what to write next. A stockpile can be created around your business plan for the next year or even using a traditional calendar to coordinate writing with traditional holidays. Even if you’re not a writer you can create a stockpile of content for your blog-for example, the personal trainer who has scheduled a rockin’ inspirational YouTube video to post every Friday during the year.

#2 -SEO-Friendly Writing. Web writers pick and choose their words carefully to include keywords and keyword phrases in their posts. This strategy turns blog posts into search engine friendly writing. If you have already read the how-to advice on the EzineArticles website you know that article titles rich in keywords help direct readers to your posts, web writers know that titles rich in keywords also word for blogs.

#3-Stay Current. As it gets harder to keep up with writing and posts, we’ve noticed that blog content becomes old, stale, and outdated. Fighting to stay on top of content, even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to get behind. When your content is no longer relevant it’s no longer news-worthy to readers. Read the most current news and don’t let it go to waste, craft it into fresh blog content. It’s best to read news and write on a schedule, so you won’t miss out writing on timely topics. When a blog is on top of current issues it brings in more readers and keeps your social media posts of interest to the friends and followers you already have.