Using Educational Toys to Support Classroom Learning

School is not always the bright, happy place we hope it will be for our children. Some kids have difficulty fitting in, are bullied or may not be able to keep up with the other children academically. Each child learns at their own pace and may benefit from being taught using different methods or resources. Making learning fun through utilizing educational toys will benefit your child.

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When young children get too far behind at school, they generally lose all confidence in their abilities. By providing children with alternative ways to learn other than the classroom you will help them regain confidence in their abilities. Using educational toys at home in a relaxed setting will allow you and your child to bond and learn together. Some children prefer to learn through sight, touch or sound and this may not always be possible at school. Offering toys that provide real hands on experience will allow your child to learn through their own preferred method.

Children that struggle with maths and numbers on a blackboard may well do better with a traditional brightly colored abacus where they can physically count the beads or subtract beads from one another. If your child is drawn to books but reading is a struggle, opt for books that they love looking at. Books with colorful pictures and activities will encourage a love for books and the reading skills will develop later as you read to them. Wooden blocks that can be built up and knocked down can be used to great advantage for the pre-school learner. The engineer or demolition expert can use these blocks to identify the picture or number on them whilst building a high tower and then identify colours when the wooden blocks have been demolished. 

There are so many educational toys available that parents would do well to obtain a broad spectrum of them. Some children are absolute Einstein’s when it comes to maths, but perform poorly in English, whilst other children wouldn’t be able to spell scientist but love to perform experiments. The educational toys on offer today range from traditional toys and pop-up books, to science and nature kits. By offering this range to your child you will be able to see where their interest lies, encourage their confidence and then tailor the educational material to suit their interests. For example, if a child is keen on nature but doesn’t enjoy reading, try them with a nature kit and buy books about nature with lots of pictures and activities.