How to Gamble Without Money

Gambling, traditionally, is defined as being the wagering of money on the outcome of an event which no one knows the outcome of with the aim being to win more money if you predict the outcome. Horse racing is a classic example of gambling as you are allowed to bet on which horse you think will win, receive odds on how likely they are to win and be offered a guaranteed return in line with these odds if you guess the outcome of the race correctly and the horse you bet would win, wins.

The problem with gambling though is that it requires money to take part. This makes it not only difficult for some people to be able do as they may risk losing money they can’t afford to lose and it may even be dangerous for people who can get addicted to gambling to do as they find it hard to stop gambling even when they have lost everything.


Marbles are beautiful glass balls of about ½ inch in diameter on average which are used for a range of street games. Collecting marbles is very popular and often people build up big collections. Another common thing people do with marbles is to gamble with them agen judi togel . A popular game involves as many people as want to play lining up at one end of an alley, while a line is draw somewhere along the street. Everyone takes one of their marbles and flicks them towards the line. The winner is the one who gets their marble closest to the line without going over and gets to keep every single other marble that took part in the game.

Gambling ills must be brought into focus - The Statesman

Matched Betting

While you do need a small amount of money to get started, the matched betting system is a way of gambling that guarantees that you will win. It uses free bets provided by online bookmakers, an odds matcher and an easily learnt and managed system that can bring you great rewards for only a few hours attention a week. It really is free money.


The only really safe way to gamble without fear of losing money is to gamble with matchsticks. By this I mean that you literally only risk losing matchsticks or toothpicks or something when you play poker or black jack or any other game that wagers money directly. This way you still get to enjoy the game but you don’t risk losing your life savings.