The Different Kinds of Garden Lighting Products

Improving your garden with lights is a simple way to bring enjoyment and pleasure throughout the year. The costs involved are not that high and once everything is set up you can leave them alone for a few years without the need for maintenance depending on the type you install. Decorative lighting not only lights the garden, it also looks good during the day, and many are styled to look like normal parts of the garden such as rocks Bollards for driveway .

Wrought iron is a favourite material to use in the garden because of its rustic look. If you have other iron features, like railings then this is a good match up. Wrought iron is very durable and hard wearing so once in place it will require minimal attention. It will also provide good protection for the housing unit inside.

Another popular kid of light is the bollard light, which as the name suggests is shaped like a bollard. These are usually found along driveways and garden paths and are used along the perimeter to show the path features. There are a few different shapes and heights you can use, ranging from a couple of feet high to just a few inches. The bulb is contained within the stick shape, so it always well protected and is different from the stick or post lights where the bulb is found on the top of the unit.

Using dimmer switches are a unique way of changing the light intensity and also the mood. They work the same way as your house dimmer lights work and are useful if you don’t want to produce too much glare. They can also save on energy bills over long periods of time. Adding coloured covers is another way of changing things up, and different filters can give effective, radiant colours flowing all over your garden. You can change the filters during the changing seasons to reflect the personality of the weather and the changing faces of your garden.

Rotating lights can do work of many lights in one go, and can be used to give unusual patterns and shadows. If you choose these then make sure the arc will not shine back in your eyes, you really want it to point away from you if possible. These lights are more expensive but they can replace a number of other lights if you position them wisely, which in turn could make them even more cost effective.