Posh and Petite Moms to Be: Finding Extra Small Maternity Party Dresses

I absolutely loved being pregnant and embraced every part of my growing body – from head to toe. Like many expectant mothers, I assumed that I’d gain a ton of weight but when that didn’t happen, I found myself facing a unique challenge in trying to find extra small maternity clothes! I’m a naturally thin woman but I fully looked forward to packing on the weight that usually comes along with 9 months of housing a new life, but as the weeks and months passed, and I was still able to fit “normal” clothes, I realized that things would be different. I complained to friends and co-workers but found no sympathy! The truth is, not every woman will gain fifty, sixty or even eighty pounds during her pregnancy – some, like myself, well only gain fifteen to twenty at the most. I was shocked at just how many maternity clothing lines simply didn’t cater to this group of women! lace dress

Anyways – the holiday season is in full swing which also means that the holiday party season is in full effect as well. You can look posh, fabulous and in your full maternal glow – I have a few tips to help you find the perfect petite, small or extra small maternity holiday party dress!

polka dot maxi dress short sleeves

1. Wrap Dresses: Wrap dresses were my “go to” style during my pregnancy. This style allows for comfort and ease, especially if you are in your final weeks. They are easy to put on, easy to take off and stylish at the same time.

2. Don’t Go Overboard on Color: Avoid crazy patterns, colors, sequin, stripes and polka-dots. Sequin in particular tend to be a really popular choice for holiday party dresses, as people want to dazzle…literally! However sequin and pregnancy are like oil and water. While you may be proud and want to show of your baby bump, it may not photograph as well as you hope. The same goes for loud patterns, stripes and polka dots. Instead opt for a solid color dress, you can get creative and go for a ruby red, teal, or even a gorgeous winter white.

3. Flats, Kitten heels or High heels?: I personally wore high heels well into my third trimester with the approval of my doctor – however your heel option should not be one you make lightly. If you are not naturally comfortable in a higher heel, kitten heels are a good choice. If you pick kitten or high heels, carry a pair of dressy flats just in case. I also advise against wearing a mule style slip on heel of any type. You will want to give your foot and ankle as much “support” as possible, slipping because of an open back shoe can happen easily.

4. Formal/Black-tie events: Gowns are par for the course at formal black tie events but you will need to take extra precautions in selecting formal maternity gowns. Avoid dresses that have trains that can be stepped on. Additionally, you may want to raise the hem of your dress just an inch or two to avoid tripping.

5. Cocktail Party events: Cocktail party dresses are traditionally much shorter than formal event dresses. Knee or even above the knee length are common choices, however as an expecting mother – an above the knee dress isn’t the most appropriate style of dress to wear. Instead you should select a sophisticated tea length or knee length dress.

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