Migraine Pain Relief That Works

So you want to know migraine pain relief that works?

Well I am glad that you found this article because I have the answer in just a moment, but first let me tell you my story.

I have suffered migraine for almost twenty years, the change of sleep pattern because of jet lag, change in shifts probably the main cause of my migraines.

During those years I have found a few ways to relief my headache and below are some tips for migraine pain relief:

1. Get a good night sleep. I have found that a good night sleep upright go can reduce the pain, try to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday you will surprised on how good it feels.

2. Get an ice pack and wrap it on a towel and put it on your throbbing head. This will reduce the pain because the ice will soothe the swollen blood vessel.

3. Whatever you do try not to skip your meals because skipping meals can cause migraine pain attack. So, when it times for you to take your meals, rest and have your meals.

4. Take a bit of caffeine. You may not believe this but taking a bit of caffeine can relief the pain a bit but remember not to take it too much or your headache will get worse.

If the above tips fail, you can try my ultimate migraine pain relief tips below:

– Use natural migraine relief gel. This is my preferred way to relief my pain because it is simple. All I need to do is apply this gel under my tongue and the pain will gone in minutes.

I certainly suggest that you take my last advice because it is an easy and convenient way for migraine relief.