Fiber Optic Camera – A Useful Device For Spying And Snooping Around

In past times, surveillance work was a tough affair. With today’s technology, snooping around isn’t an issue. There’s a mini fiber optic camera that will help you discover what is going in the next room or under the door.

Who uses one?

A mini fiber optic camera is utilized by detectives, law enforcement agents, and investigators. These small devices help gain audio-visual footage of suspects. The best thing about it is that they’re basically undetectable. All you need to do is place it in a small, confined area. There are several variants available on the market so be sure to do some research. You should get the right one for your investigation efforts.

The Mini-Snake

One kind of fiber optic camera utilized in surveillance is the Mini-Snake. It’s thin, flexible, and features a 3.7mm pinhole lens. It also comes with a 1/4 inch color charge coupled device and a.01 illumination area. Private investigators like this seeing device since it could see around corners, under doors, inside drain pipes, and limited areas not seen by the human eye.

Recording with this camera gives you the ability to listen to precise dialogue in the immediate area. This is because it 40g optical transceiver comes with a built-in microphone. The high-resolution lens also provides you with a crystal clear surveillance video. It’s also easily adaptable, that makes it suitable for recording real-time events.

The Flexible Fiber Camera

Another version is the flexible Fiber Camera. It’s sold as a kit and has a 3 1/3mm fiber optic cable, a true color charge-coupled device, and an automatic electrical iris with a view of 1/60 to approximately 1/10,000th sensitivity. A 12-volt battery powers everything and makes it possible for viewers to work with its fully adjustable focus. The range starts at 0.5 inches and goes up to infinity.

This fiber optic camera is best used with a micro video Walkman, turning it into the ideal partner of private investigators. It is possible to hook this up to different TV screens and video cameras, as it is sold with 300 cable lines.Watching people is a breeze. They will never notice you’re watching them. Its small size is ideal for going under doors and hard to reach places.

Fiber-Optic Inspection Scope

This particular unit is a scope you can acquire in a variety of cord lengths. It’s useful for looking under doors, locked rooms, or drain pipes. You’ll find lengths in 3.3 feet, 6.7 feet, or 10 feet. To record using this device, you must buy an adapter to record to a video camera or other such viewing device.

The benefit of this fiber optic camera is that you could see and record in total darkness. Nighttime investigations aren’t a problem once you have this in your possession. The eyepiece of the scope is a lens that is 2mm in diameter and is attached to flexible fiber optic bundle.

Before making use of any of these cameras, you will need a fiber optic transceiver. This is an essential component to your surveillance system. It works much like your computer Ethernet Card. You will see that modern computers incorporate this on the motherboard, and not as a separate PCI card.