Taoist Erotic Massage – Take Your Lover Deeper Than They Have Ever Been

The taoist erotic massage was created by Joe Kramer as a way for gay men to have safe sex when the first aids cases hit the USA. This massage includes with a genital massage and a powerful energy technique called a big draw.

Soon, however, it was realized that this massage is very powerful and a version was designed for woman. Many straight guys soon realized how healing and profound this massage is.

The Basis of the Massage is the Breath.

One takes all the effort on the in breath and totally relaxes on the out breath. During the massage, the masseur monitors the breath of the person receiving the massage. He can breathe in time and encourages a connected and deeper breath at all times. When one goes into thoughts receiving the massage, one will go out of the breath.

It is a good idea to breathe into the belly during the massage to take the energy deeper.

Preparing for the Massage

The massage takes at least one and a half hours. Take the phone off the hook and turn off all mobiles. Have some candles and relaxing music to start the massage. It is great to change the music to something more dynamic later in the massage and again during the big draw.

How to Start the Taoist Erotic Massage

Slow and sensual strokes all over the body from the toes to the head is a great way to start. One can use silk, fur and feathers to lightly touch the body. Then touch ever so lightly with your hands.

Once the body is touched this way it is good to use some warm oil for happy ending massage the next massage strokes.

Massage Strokes

Massage strokes that start by moving into the body with sensitivity and also leave the same way are a lot more sensual. Slow down the strokes and really feel the sensations under your fingers.

Start with your lover face down and massage the back, legs neck and arms. Swedish massage strokes can be used on the back of the body.

Ask your lover to turn over and massage the head, arms, stomach, legs and feet. The massage includes 20 massage strokes on the genitals for a man and many more for a female.

The Big Draw

After the genital strokes, the person is asked to do a big draw. He takes 10 deep breaths and then another which they hold and at the same time contracts ALL muscles in the body. They hold this for 10 seconds or so and then totally relaxes for 10 to 30 minutes.

The person usually enters deep silent places after the big draw. One can also have profound orgasmic energy moving through the body.