Breast Cancer Awareness Month Of October

As You all Know that October is coming to the end of the month and although October is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness but this is not ending. Care and awareness should always be at all times, early detection is a better recovery and to cure will stand a much higher chance before is is too late.

We should always take care of our Beauty and Health, To Stay Healthy is To Stay Beautiful..
These programs of Awareness gives us a gentle reminder. A well-balanced meal, quality sleep and exercise to work our body to keep them fit is not only very important but to live our life Wonderful too!

October is the Month: Breast Cancer Awareness, an important month for all women.

Is to remind all women of the importance of doing Breast Self Examination (BCE) regularly and It is also to remind if you are in 40 years old and above require to have a mammogram check annually especially the age range 55- 59 has the highest rate in women detected breast cancers in which there are many women who already suffered from breast cancer. If early detection would have taken place , it is possible and a sure way to help those sufferers.

Protection through early detection will have better treatment options and better chance of recovery. As no one exactly knows the exact causes of breast cancer. Doctors do know that bumping, bruising or touching does not cause cancer and breast cancer is not contagious that another person can “catch it”. Doctors often cannot explain why one woman develops breast cancer.

Apart from screening, It is also important to be aware of the possible signs. Therefore, regulars self check by doing Breast Self Examination (BCE) is important and require in detect signs and symptoms.


Common symptoms of Breast Cancer Include:

A change in how the breast or nipple FEELS

A lump or thickening in or near the breast

A lump or thickening in or near the underarm 乳房造影 area

Nipple tenderness

A Change in how the breast or nipple LOOKS

Change in size or shape

nipple turned inward

ridges or pitting that looks like the skin of an orange

around the breast, areola or nipple may be scaly, red or swollen

Discharge fluid

In any case, any of these symptoms should see the doctors for further diagnose. As Early breast cancer usually does not cause pain and any other symptom that does not go away.
Therefore, Breast Cancer Awareness is important Month for all women as a reminder to prevent more women from suffering and also the awareness of Health Wellness.